We provide quality regenerative and centrifugal blowers for a variety of industrial applications. We have been supporting our Canadian customers with blower applications for over 35 years. So if you need a blower or have one that needs fixing we can help.

Our compact industrial blowers are engineered to deliver performance and save you space.

Not all blower technologies work in the 15 PSIG field of applications at REM Equipment. We design the correct solution based on the most energy-efficient technology. Our industry-standard single and two-stage compact regenerative blowers provide the most cost-effective solutions for medium volume applications up to 15 PSIG and 30 HP. Our unique, compact and high-speed single-stage centrifugal blowers deliver volumes up to 4000 CFM, pressures up to 4 PSIG and horsepower up to 50 hp. These blowers offer clean, dry high-velocity performance to solve production applications normally requiring multistage units at five times the physical size. And finally, our rotary carbon vane blowers line comes in both 15 PSIG and 25 PSIG options to offer compact alternatives to the traditional roots style blowers.

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Bun or Loaf De-Panner
Anytime compressed air is used to blow or blast from an air knife, jet or nozzle the Adamark brand compact high-speed centrifugal blower can be used. No expensive compressed, wet, oily air
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