Carbon Vanes

Our SuperVane Carbon Vanes offer 93-100% of the performance of OEM vanes but cost up to 33% less! They are precision CNC machined to the original vane shape and made from the same graphite grades sourced from the same suppliers as the OEMs. Try some today and stop overspending on carbon vanes.

Stop Overspending on Carbon Vanes!

Carbon vanes are a small, but critical component of your vacuum pump and its crucial that they are replaced every 8000 pump hours (10 Months). Unfortunately, OEM carbon vanes are extremely costly and most Non-OEM carbon vanes, while cheap, only offer 30% of the performance of OEM vanes and require constant replacement. Be wary of the cheap, low-quality aftermarket carbon vanes. Cheap carbon vanes from overseas offer as little as 1/5 of the performance compared to name brand carbon vanes such as Becker, Rietschle and SuperVane. Furthermore, these cheap vanes require your pump to run at temperatures high than the manufacture recommends. Supervane carbon vanes offer 93-100+% of the performance Becker carbon vanes and allow your pump to operate at optimal temperatures all at a 30% discount. Supervane offers the exact same warranty as Becker so you can have peace of mind knowing you are buying the best product on the market.

Tested 93-100% of the performance of OEM vanes but cost 33% less!
OEM Quality Grinding and CNC Machining
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