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Quality Vacuum Pumps

We are experts in vacuum pumps. We offer drop in replacements for Becker vacuum pumps and an exciting new line of Dekker vacuum pumps and Republic claw pumps. They offer exceptional performance to add speed to any manufacturing or packaging line. We stock, ship, and service vacuum pumps and compressors right from our Mississauga, Ontario head office.

High Quality
Innovative Products
Replacements For Becker
Best Vacuum Support
Team in Canada
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High Performance Blowers

R.E. Morrison’s centrifugal and regenerative blowers are available as part of our Adamark air knife drying systems and as stand-alone upgrades for your existing vacuum or pressure blowers.

Best Support
Team in Canada
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Adamark Air Knife Drying

Adamark Air Knife Drying Systems remove the water and debris from bottles, cans, packaged food products, trays, automotive parts and conveyors. Adamark drying systems are designed as custom bolt-on modifications or as complete conveyorized units.

Pro Performance
Reduced Rejects
Expert Installation

BaseVac Dental Equipment

BaseVac™ brand dental dry suction and compressor systems are engineered like no other system because we understand vacuum like no one else. The vacuum power at the pump is adjustable up to 25”Hg, 70% stronger than our closest competitor. All of this on top of a pump that is 100% dry and we truly believe we have built the next generation in dental vacuum. Contact your dental dealer today and see the difference one of our BaseVac™ dry suction systems can make for you.

100% OIL AND 

Warranty Approved Parts and Service

Our technicians are trained and certified to provide service and repairs to all Becker, Dekker, Adamark and Republic products.

One year warranty on rebuilds
REPUBLIC Factory trained warranty repair centre
Full in stock parts, units and accessories
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What our customers say

"We have had nothing but great service and real initiative to help us make our packaging line a more efficient and reliable process. I would choose REM Equipment and Adamark again for can drying."

Sarah Casorso

Head Brewer at Brench Brewing Company
"It’s been great to know confidently that you’ve got dry cans going into finished cases, its been very reassuring."

Kevin Ruddle

VinFirst Innovative Packaging
"Adamark delivers cost-effective, efficient turn key drying systems for our wide variety of containers.”"

Steven Davy

Maintenance Superintendent
Canadian Food Processor

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