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We specialize in all things industrial air. Be it vacuum pumps, blowers, air knife drying, compressors and more our team can help you out.  We have served the North American market for 35+ years. We pride ourselves on our product expertise and engineering to help keep our customers running at peak performance.

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A Republic regenerative blowerAn open rotary vane vacuum pump with open super vane carbon vanes.A BaseVac 2HD 4.40 system with an air water separatorAn Adamark bottle drying conveyor


We're dedicated to serving Canada with quality production air products.

What our customers say

A can of Bench Brewery beer being dried by an Adamark air knife drying system.
"We have had nothing but great service and real initiative to help us make our packaging line a more efficient and reliable process. I would choose REM Equipment and Adamark again for can drying."
Sarah Casorso
Head Brewer at Brench Brewing Company
Cans of beer being dried by and Adamark air knife drying system.
"It’s been great to know confidently that you’ve got dry cans going into finished cases, its been very reassuring."

Kevin Ruddle

VinFirst Innovative Packaging
Orange juice bottles being dried to and Adamark air knife drying system.
"Adamark delivers cost-effective, efficient turn key drying systems for our wide variety of containers.”"

Steven Davy

Maintenance Superintendent
Canadian Food Processor
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