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When you update your dental equipment room, you should consider the power and water savings by going with a BaseVac dry vacuum or compressor. We are the only Canadian made dental suction system and are proud to support dentists across North America. To assure quality and safety in your practice, our dental vacuums are 100% water and oil-free and our compressors are 100% oil-less. With our industry-leading performance and eco-friendly technology, there is no need for compromise. Our team is dedicated to making your switch to dry vac simple and easy. We work to ensure you are always impressed by the performance of our products, today & every day.

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"We have had nothing but great service and real initiative to help us make our packaging line a more efficient and reliable process. I would choose REM Equipment and Adamark again for can drying."

Sarah Casorso

Head Brewer at Brench Brewing Company
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"It’s been great to know confidently that you’ve got dry cans going into finished cases, its been very reassuring."

Kevin Ruddle

VinFirst Innovative Packaging
"Adamark delivers cost-effective, efficient turn key drying systems for our wide variety of containers.”"

Steven Davy

Maintenance Superintendent
Canadian Food Processor

Our Dental systems are used by the best

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