Offering you a full inventory of factory-original filters from Mann, Mass-Vac and Solberg, alongside our own line of custom REM Industrial Filtration Systems. We understand that blowers, vacuum pumps, compressors and engines can only maintain peak performance if the air they breathe and oil they need is clean.

With thousands of filters in stock, ready to ship, we are your filter source.

Our affordable, quality filters maintain performance and do not compromise original equipment warranties. In addition, we design and manufacture custom vacuum pump filters to extend the quality of vacuum performance through the entire production run. These include custom pharmaceutical, inline vacuum filters that capture 99.9% of the waste within the vacuum filter for accountability in capsule and tablet production. R.E. Morrison has been a leading supplier of air filters, oil filters and custom vacuum pump filters for over 30 years. We stock the industry-leading MANN filter line and compliment that quality with filtration products for both air and oil from multiple manufacturers. We offer filters in paper, polyester, stainless mesh and HEPA media. Our specialty is in vacuum pump related filters and can provide simple replacements or complex filter systems. No matter whether you need OEM or aftermarket, we have the filter you need.

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