Adamark Air Knife Systems

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Adamark Air Systems provide guaranteed drying performance with its high air velocity, air knife drying system complete with compact, economical, low maintenance, dedicated high speed centrifugal blowers that are built for continuous duty. Whats more, it blows clean, dry warm air.

R.E. Morrison can provide complete systems engineered for both small and large bottling and canning operations.

Packaging problems with shrinkable neck sleeves and pressure sensitive labeling can easily be eliminated with an Adamark Air Knife Drying System. With a dry bottle the sleeves drop in place, and do not burst when heated. Pressure sensitive labeling is easy on a dry bottle.

No wrinkling or slipping of neck or body labels occurs. No expensive moisture compatible adhesives are required when the bottle is dry. Glue contamination is eliminated and less is actually used when the bottle is dry.

Adamark Air Systems are compact, affordable, and easy to install on four feet of a single line conveyor. Three, five and ten horsepower systems usually offer a payback of less than one year based on the utility cost of a compressed air alternate system.

The Adamark system works on the principal of a high impact, uninterrupted flow of warm air, at velocities up to 37,000 fpm hitting the bottle providing a barrier through which the water droplets cannot pass. In difficult cold fill applications we can remove the gross water and prevent condensation from reappearing until after the label has been applied.

With Adamark and R.E.Morrison, your bottles won't be "sort of dry", they'll be dryer than ever before.